Hand Chip Bonuses

Win with Quads and receive a 2K bonus.

Win with a Straight Flush and receive a 5K bonus.

Win with a Royal Flush and receive a 10K bonus.

DOUBLE Bonus if using both cards in your hand.

*Applicable till the final table

Nightly Loyalty Jackpot


MAJOR: $600 (currently)
Minimum 21 Players
Increase by $100/week

MINOR: $120 (currently)
Increases by $20/week


  • The tenth number drawn out on Keno at the beginning of Round 2 – If that player is not there the closest number will win.
    • If 2 players are the same amount away the highest-ranked player will be our Loyalty Player for that night.
  • The winner will then have the choice to play for either the Major or Minor prize.
    • Major: If chosen the Loyalty Player must win that night.
      • Single Prize Chance
    • Minor: If chosen the Loyalty Player must get in the cash.
      • Three to Four Prize Chances


  • The winner has till the next round of Keno to make their decision.
  • Major Prize can only be won outright.
    • No Colluding and No Splitting
  • If under 21 players for the night the winner automatically chooses the MINOR prize and the Loyalty Player MUST win to receive the MINOR prize pool.
  • When the MAJOR prize is won it will reset to the current MINOR jackpot and the MINOR jackpot will reset to $100.
  • Mega Game is now INCLUDED.