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Jokers Wild is an exciting spin on traditional Texas Hold Em’ Poker


  1. There are TWO Jokers in the deck
  2. The Joker’s can be used as ANY card you want
  3. All hands rankings still follow traditional Texas Hold’em rules
  4. The best hand a Joker can be is 4 Aces with the Joker acting as a King Kicker
  5. The Joker CAN NOT make a hand that doesn’t appear in the traditional Texas Hold’em playbook (No 5 Aces or Joker High Straight)
  6. No Re-Buys
  7. No Add-On
  8. Hands that include Jokers DO NOT count towards ‘Card Ranking End of Tournament Bonuses’ (Royal Flush, Quads, ECT)
  9. FREE Lifeline valued at 25,000
    1. One lifeline per player
    2. Lifeline can only be used once out
    3. Lifeline is cashed in at the start of the second round
    4. If you reach the final table you’ll receive a bonus 25,000
    5. Lifeline can not be used in an ‘All-In’ or as valued chip


Played at Valentine Bowling Club

Tournament Director: Aaron Gregory

Saturday Night: 6:30pm Start

$30 Entry
Free Investment Lifeline

Playing ONE game qualifies you for the final.

Play all games receive FREE entry to final.

The higher you finish on the ladder the MORE chips you’ll receive in the final.