Current Tournaments

Wednesday Night: 6:30pm Start

Thursday Night: 6:30pm Start

Friday Night: 6:30pm Start

Saturday Night: 6:30pm Start

Valentine Bowling Club

$30 Entry

35k Stacks

No Re-Buys

No Add-Ons


Register before 6:25pm for a bonus 5k Early-bird Chip
Wear your APS Newcastle shirt for a 1k bonus
Quads 2K
Straight Flush 5K
Royal Flush 10K
You will also go into the draw for a cash bonus , drawn at our annual presentation day


Arrive after 6.25pm No early bird bonus
Round 1 – Only blinds as they happen
Round 2 – 2K and blinds as they happen
Round 3 – Another 2K & blinds as they happen
Round 4 – Another 2K & blinds as they happen
Late Entry 7.25pm – Must play a hand before the break ( break 7.30pm)

Season 2 Starts 2nd June 2021

16 Week Competitons


Competition Starts June 2nd
Competition Starts June 3rd
Competition Starts June 4th
Competition Starts June 5th

Ends September 15th
Ends September 16th
Ends September 17th
Ends September 18th

Final September 22nd
Final September 23rd
Final September 24th
Final September 25th

Winners of Each Competition receive:
Top 8 of each Competition receive:
9th to 16th receive:
17th to 24th receive:
25th to 32nd receive:
33rd to 40th receive:

FREE ENTRY + $200 + Hoodie + T-Shirt
$30 Entry
$40 Entry
$50 Entry
$60 Entry


$200 and increases by $50 every week until won

Monthly Big Game

$60 Entry
$1,000 First Prize Guaranteed 
12 Noon Start
Next Game June 27th 2021